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Who's the Boss? Toss is the Boss!

Universal Toss Options

Toss is a thinking persons card deck. If you invent a totally different game, based on this deck or feel your version of a favorite game is a winner, email and ask for the latest information on how to be awarded recognition for your unique game rules and guidelines.

All rules are optional and may be employed singularly or in any combination you desire. You style the rules by blending this exhilarating deck into your favorite games. A diverse variety of Toss rules are always applicable to every card game. Try some of the following rules with your most enjoyable games to see which combinations you prefer.

See Below.

You Decide How Many Suits And Cards To Use.

Toss makes any good card game better!
The Toss(TM)deck has 111 total cards. Besides the traditional Club, Spade, Heart and Diamond suits, you will find the Cross, Oracle, Castle and Shield suits. These combined eight suits offer suit colors of red, black gold and blue. The cards are Ace through King with a distinct Joker for each pair of suit colors, a Boss Joker overall and Null cards.

First, you might want to decide how many players there will be. Then, if you have three to eight players, just add or subtract the suits and cards as you choose. With most card games there are 13 cards per player. With Toss you have the control to decide how many players, how many suits and how many cards you will use. Remember with the Toss deck for any game "You Make The Rules!"

In some games, the cards dealt to the widow, blind or kitty evens out the cards among players. If not, before you deal, even out the hands by removing your choice of the lower cards, Nulls or Jokers. Players usually agree to discard lower cards like Nulls, Twos or Threes until they arrive with a comfortable number of cards. Remember, you make the rules!

Can fewer players use all the cards in a Toss deck? Yes! The Toss DoubleDeluxe deck works great for Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Bridge, Spades, Hearts, War, Concentration, Solitaire and the like.

How The Different Cards Can Work.

When used, the Boss Joker plays on any card, ruling over all as the highest "wild card".

When used, Jokers play only on sub-suits of the same color unless you choose otherwise. The Red Joker is allowed to take only one trick from either red suit, Hearts or Diamonds. If a Black Joker is lead, the following players may play any Spade or Club card because they are of the black suits. If a player has no cards of that color, they may play off any card held, but have no chance of winning that trick.

When used, Null cards play at any time, on any suit. The Null cards are great little cards that can’t take any trick. However, they can really influence the game’s outcome by enhancing your card playing strategies. For example, if someone plays a trump when you have a trump and a Null, you may play the Null to save your trump card for later. A Null lead is a no-trump play. When a Null card is lead, then anyone following may play any card. The winner of this trick is the highest card of any suit played or the Boss Joker. Other Jokers can not capture or win a null lead trick.

Biding Games

Players announce bids by number and color of tricks they expect to take. Color is only used to send signals, true or false depending on your choice. Biding may go around more than once. All players have a chance to bid and re-bid until no one bids higher. Once a player has passed, they are out of the biding. If nobody bids, dealer reshuffles and deals.

Each player bids the amount of tricks they expect to take, based on their cards and potential partner(s)cards. One player may bid "Five Red." The next player may bid or pass in turn. The next player may bid "Six Blue" or any bid greater than the last. Also, a bidder who started out as "Five Red" may end up biding "Seven Black." Bids must go up numerically by at least one or a bid of "No Trump". For example, a bid of "Six No Trump" is greater than any other "Six" bid. Once a trump suit is declared and the first card is played, the trump suit is never allowed to be changed.

Toss Slam

When a player bids a "Toss Slam," it means the bidder, with or without a partner, intends to capture all tricks played. A "Toss Slam Trump" bid can only be out bid by a "Toss Slam No Trump." At any point in a game when a Toss Slam is bid and subsequently won, that player or team wins the entire game.

Nil Bids

In games where nil bid are allowed, customary nil bid rules, procedures and scoring conventions are used.

Partners and Team Games

Partner and team games maybe played with permanent teams or changing teams with equal or unequal numbers of players. If you decide to have fixed teams, the teams remain constant throughout the entire game. For instance, with eight players at one table, you could have four fixed teams of two players each or two teams of four each. A two player team may play teams with more players if they feel they are good enough. For example, with only five players, two may play three players constantly in the fixed team mode.

In bidding games, a great challenge is not having fixed teams. Here the winning bidder calls an unknown partner with every new deal. You must keep individual scoring because the "Teams" will change every hand. The winning bidder calls any single Joker as the unknown partner by saying " Boss Joker!" or "Blue Joker!" No one is expected to, or allowed to, answer.

The cards found in the widow or blind often influences the bidder's final choice of trump suit to declare and which joker to call as partner. The bidder may "go alone" by calling a Joker secretly held within his/her hand. This diversion method is great because most people at the table do not know who the partner is until the called Joker is played. The unknown partner feature often allows two good players to out score four or five opposing players even if the opposition players are stronger players.


Scores are tabulated for individuals or teams depending on your choices of games and rules. Try to keep the scoring as similar to your favorite game’s rules as possible. In spades at trick counts as a trick. In hearts the Queen of Spades is still thirteen points and each heart still counts as one point. Rummy is different, for instance, with a regular deck, 500 Rummy is a popular game. A Toss deck has 1,000 or more points. In Rummy type games Null cards continue to have no value.


In some game variations the Jokers can steal tricks, after all players have played on that trick. This action is called the "Toss". Here the Jokers are played not as a high card, but as a trick stealing card after the trick would normally be over. Remember, the different colored Jokers can only take tricks of their color. If someone "Tosses" a trick, then they lead the next card. Because you "Tossed" a trick after you had already played a card on that trick, you will be one card short at the end of the game. So the question is; "Do you really want to "Toss or not?" In trick taking games like Spades and Hearts, maybe you don't want to play a Toss often except to re-capture a broken nil trick for your partner. In Rummy games, a portion of a run or sequence of meld can be "Tossed" from an opponent when the correct Joker is played. This player would announce a Toss, show the correct Joker, an have the "Tossed" opponent pass over their last melded run or sequence.


Any trick that is ‘Tossed" can be re-taken by the Boss Joker. This is called the "DoubleCross." If someone "DoubleCrosses" a trick, then they lead the next card. In Rummy games, a run or sequence of meld can be "DoubleCrossed" when the Boss Joker is played.

Bidding Game Strategy Thoughts

Strategy begins with the biding. You might feel you have a "good partner hand" and hope your Joker will be "called" as the partner. You may also bid strictly to run up the bid or to deceive or confuse.

Strategy continues with the decision to call a partner or not. Do you have the nerve, cards and skill to go alone? Think of the fun when the other players play high cards or trumps against each other until they realize you called your own Joker. One against four is tough odds. Does that make your favorite game more challenging? As risks increase, thus so do the rewards.

If you play a Null card on a trump trick are you out of that suit or just "sandbagging" or could you be the unknown partner? Can you interpret signals passed during the biding and play correctly? Who's against who? Who's with who? How can you achieve the top score and win the game?

Try to remember all the cards played and which suits were taken with a Joker or had a Null played on them. Pay attention to how each opponent usually plays. Over time, you can infer much about what their strategy is likely to be. With practice this always becomes easier.

Toss DoubleDeluxe strategies available for play and biding are unparalleled in other games. Biding may be truthful or not. Unknown partners, different team combinations, Jokers taking tricks, tossing tricks and the play of Null cards offer great game opportunities. Showcase your most cunning card playing expertise to levels far beyond other card games.

Need extra Money?

Fund Raisers: Toss cards can be used to raise funds for Churches, groups and clubs. Minimum quantities for special discount is 100 double decks. With quantities of 2000 the deck can be customized to show your organization on the back. Different suits like bugs, animal and sports themes can be used with custom or children’s decks.

Weddings: Place your loving couple on the back, or in the King and Queen of Hearts face cards.

Business firms: You can order custom decks to have an advertising program that is paid for once but is used for months if not years.

Distributors: We may need individual distributors in your area. Limited licenses available. Sell in quantity to business, clubs and convenience stores in your area. Make huge $$$.

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